AFD is involved in the research, development and demonstration of innovative technology through partnerships with specialists in SMART tooling, 3-D Printing, and Tool Surface Compensation.

For SMART tooling and 3-D printing we can provide a turn-key solution for design, analysis, and manufacture via a trusted manufacturing supply chain.

For Tool Surface Compensation, we can provide distortion analysis of composite parts to ensure tools are appropriately designed and compensated. This can eliminate distortion issues associated with thermal expansion, shrinkage, and tool-part interaction.

These technologies can significantly reduce manufacturing lead-times, improve quality, and eliminate and ultimately reduce life-cycle costs.

Our Innovative Technology Services are summarised here……

Complex Shapes
Closed Form Shapes
Enclosed Geometry
Shape Memory Polymers
Design for 3-D Print
Material Selection
Part Manufacture
Asymmetry Issues
Thermal Expansion
Tool-Part Interaction
Cure Shrinkage Effects