Our design capabilities stretch across mechanical structure, tooling, and test rigs, bringing extensive experience in CAD modelling from concept to first article inspection.

We also provide support in reverse engineering, designing for additive manufacture, and legacy data digitisation.


Our core capabilities cover traditional static stress analysis, finite element modelling, fatigue and damage tolerance evaluation but we also provide support in the assessment of vibration, bird strike, and aerodynamics.


We assist external organisations in the classification of changes and repairs and subsequently peer review the elected certification basis, certification plans, and compliance demonstration evidence, all in the capacity as Structures Compliance Verification Engineers (CVEs).

We also visit test facilities to witness and verify test activities that underpin certification, and hold regular dialogue with the competent authorities.

Additive Manufacturing

Our focus is additive layer manufacturing of polymer parts, prototypes, trial-fit mock-ups, and lightweight tooling.

Our facility houses an array of FDM printers and ancillary equipment including a Stratasys Fortus 450mc for printing ultra-polymer materials.

We utilise a hand-held laser scanner for product geometry validation and for reverse engineering or surveys.