At Airframe Designs, we transcend traditional engineering boundaries by integrating cutting-edge 3D scanning technology into our suite of services. Our advanced 3D laser scanner elevates the precision and efficiency of digital modeling for mechanical structures, offering more than just functionality—it provides a sophisticated solution to complex engineering challenges.

Versatile, Portable, and Advanced Technology

Our handheld 3D laser scanner is engineered for quick and precise measurements, setting a high standard for accuracy in the field of optical measurement. Merging the power of infrared and blue lasers, this lightweight device is engineered to adapt to various scanning needs. Whether it’s capturing expansive areas with the infrared laser, undertaking fast scans with blue laser crosses, executing fine details with blue parallel lasers, delving into deep-hole scanning with a single blue laser, or leveraging a sophisticated built-in photogrammetry system, our technology ensures your project’s requirements are met with unmatched precision.

Expertise That Makes a Difference

Airframe Designs is not just about cutting-edge tools; we are a collective of highly experienced engineers specialising in design, analysis, certification, and additive manufacturing. Our expertise spans across critical sectors, providing engineered solutions for new designs, modifications, repairs, and reverse engineering. From major airlines and military fleets to VIP customer projects, our work in the aviation sector is complemented by significant contributions to defense, space, nuclear, marine, medical, automotive, and rail industries.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

We excel in accommodating a wide range of applications – whether it’s supporting cabin interior upgrades, VIP configurations, system upgrades impacting airframe structures, or special mission product designs for sectors such as Aero-Medical, Police, and Search and Rescue.

Your Partner in Innovation

At Airframe Designs, our 3D scanning service is more than a technological advantage. It is your partner in innovation, facilitating accurate and rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, and quality control. Our comprehensive approach ensures that from concept to completion, your project benefits from the highest standards of precision, efficiency, and reliability.

Discover the Airframe Designs Advantage

Discover the impact our 3D scanning technology can have on your project. Choosing Airframe Designs means opting for precision engineering and innovative solutions that drive success. Contact us to find out more about our services and how we can help take your project to the next level.