Today marks another significant milestone for us at Airframe Designs as we celebrate the renewal of our JOSCAR (Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register) registration. This achievement underscores our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in the aerospace and defence sectors. We are pleased to announce that our updated certificate is now available to view on our website’s homepage and can be viewed here.

Our partnership with BAE Systems hinges on this crucial registration. JOSCAR is not just a badge of compliance; it’s a testament to our robust integrated management system (IMS), which aligns with the latest legislation and international standards. This process ensures that BAE Systems, and all of our partners, can collaborate with us confidently, knowing they are dealing with a trusted and thoroughly vetted supplier.

JOSCAR stands for Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register and is a collaborative tool used primarily in the aerospace, defence, and security sectors to manage compliance and risk information of suppliers. By standardising the process, JOSCAR helps to reduce the time, cost, resources, and duplication needed to provide information to major customers in these industries.

Undergoing the JOSCAR renewal process is necessarily rigorous. It not only reaffirms our valued partnership with BAE Systems, but also serves as a comprehensive internal audit, ensuring that our systems and processes are current and efficient. This renewal is a catalyst for continuous improvement, adapting to the evolving standards of the JOSCAR supplier questionnaire.

We are very proud of the work we do here at Airframe Designs. While we are passionate about diving into engineering and manufacturing challenges, we recognise that the framework within which we operate is equally crucial. This framework provides our customers and stakeholders with the assurance that they are in partnership with a reliable, dedicated, and forward-thinking organisation. We are committed to pushing boundaries, exceeding expectations, and managing risks with the utmost professionalism.

If you would like to know more about what we do, our capabilities, and our people, please explore our website further where you can find case studies, capabilities, and read about some of our amazing engineers.