We are Airframe Designs

Airframe Designs Limited is a UK registered company, established in 2009 to provide a stress analysis capability for the aviation, space and defence markets.

Evidence of the continual shortage and high demand for experienced stress engineers were the catalysts for the formation of Airframe Designs (AFD).

The core business of AFD is aviation SAFETY, supporting UK CAA & EASA Part 21J Design Organisations to certify structural changes and repairs to aircraft and rotorcraft.

AFD has a strong team of Stress Engineers and Structures CVEs (Compliance Verification Engineers) accustomed to the needs of the industry and highly familiar with EASA Part21J legislation, airworthiness regulations, and acceptable means of compliance.

AFD has extensive experience in the civilian, military and defence sectors, providing services to major airlines, special mission platforms, military fleets, VIP customers and product development of aero-medical stretchers, seats, and cabin interior monuments.

AFD operates on a flexible basis and will adapt to the client’s needs to enable work package delivery to be carried out efficiently.

SAFETY is our top priority

Communication – COMMUNICATION – Communication

FLEXIBILITY but with due diligence

PROFESSIONALISM, integrity, and honesty



Hard work and customer satisfaction yield a HEALTHY BUSINESS

To share enjoyment and reward in SUCCESS

WORK TOGETHER to recover from setbacks

To embrace change and MOVE WITH THE TIMES

To be the “go-to” STRESS ANALYSIS SPECIALISTS in the UK & Europe

To raise our profile and be respected by every EASA PART21J DOA

To create a solid and reliable BRAND

To have a highly qualified and highly RESPECTED TEAM

To meet all mutually agreed deadlines on EVERY SINGLE PROJECT
No purchase order – NO PROJECT

INCOMPLETE JOBS do not pay the wages

Our procedures are the DOA’s PROCEDURES

Organisation and PLANNING usually avoids chaos and fire fighting

PROCRASTINATION is the thief of time

A deadline is a deadline is a DEADLINE

If something looks WRONG, it probably is…

Every piece of design data needs a CREDIBLE REFERENCE

Nothing gets HIDDEN

Always save some STRENGTH for later!

Everything is CHECKED because everyone makes mistakes

A FREE-BODY Diagram is worth 1000 words (sometimes)