We’re proud to share that Airframe Designs has been highlighted in the latest issue of Plane Talk magazine. Our pioneering work in the aviation industry, especially our efforts towards innovation, technology, and sustainability, has caught the attention of the well-read quarterly North West Aerospace Alliance members magazine

Discover how our Blackpool-based team is leading the charge towards a greener future with cutting-edge technology like the Stratasys Fortus 450 AM machine, and our commitment to Net Zero. From enhancing aerospace and defence capabilities to our proactive environmental management efforts, our story in Plane Talk will give you glimpse into our latest offerings.

Garry Sellick, our additive manufacturing manager, offers a glimpse into how our technologies are revolutionizing airframe parts and tooling production, delivering unparalleled efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

For a detailed look at our innovative contributions to the aviation industry and our ongoing efforts towards sustainability, we encourage you to explore the complete article featured in Plane Talk magazine. Discover how Airframe Designs is shaping the future of aerospace.

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