AFD has been in business since 2009, demonstrating a gradual growth in terms of customer base and market penetration.

In 2009, we began with a single EASA Part21J customer at Coventry Airport, and by 2020 we have recorded over 40 different customers primarily operating in aviation but also in military, defence, space, tooling, and the automotive sectors.

AFD has successfully delivered over 500 projects, worked on over 60 different aircraft types, 15+ rotorcraft types and more than 100 different product types.

AFD operates at every level in the Aerospace, Space and Defence supply chain, working with the smallest of EASA Approved Part21J Design Organisations all the way up to some of the largest global Original Equipment Manufacturers and Prime Contractors.

AFD operates across the Commercial, Military and Special Mission markets covering Aircraft and Rotorcraft platforms, Passenger and VIP arrangements, Role Fits for: Aero Medical; Police; Flying Schools; Search and Rescue, EW Threat Simulation; HEC and NHEC Cargo; Oil Spill and Crop Spray configurations.

We don’t turn opportunities away and we enjoy being involve in cutting edge and technically challenging projects.