We have extensive experience in the Commercial and VIP markets for the design, analysis and certification of passenger seats, cabin interior furniture, and galley equipment.

We have worked on the design and development of specialised Military products such as weapon mounts, troop seats, grab handles, stowage systems, access ladders, ejection seat test sleds and sonar dippers.

We have been involved in various Special Mission products including aero-medical equipment, operator consoles, equipment racks, stores/pods, cargo baskets, and dispersant/crop spray booms and storage tanks.

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We are available, ready and waiting to help customers solve complex engineering problems, across an array of specialised sectors.

Our teams of experts are here to help you deliver optimal solutions, designs and products.

We provide engineering solutions for new design, modifications, repairs and reverse engineering.

We can support you with CAD, Stress Analysis, Certification and Additive Manufacturing either separately or combined as a turn-key package of support.

We provide through life support, placing the customer at the heart of our operation.

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