This is balanced against ensuring we maintain professional integrity, meet the necessary aviation safety standards, and fulfil the necessary levels of independence in compliance demonstration and verification.

We encourage our customers to provide regular feedback so we can continually improve our services. Below you can read about what our customers are saying about AFD.

“The upgrade to the Sea King fleet was very challenging with a high level of scrutiny from the Military Authority. Installing a radar scanner that was heavier than anything ever installed previously posed significant challenges to the stress team but through close cooperation with Tenencia design engineers a workable solution evolved that was ultimately accepted by the customer. AFD has supported Tenencia for more than a decade, providing a highly effective offering for all of our structural certification needs across aircraft and rotorcraft.”

Paul Johnson

Managing Director, Tenencia Aerospace Design

“We engaged AFD on the Human External Cargo programme at a critical point when EASA had just begun to scrutinise our first STC application for the Load Carrying System / Basket Type 1. At this time AHUK faced a number of technical challenges and simply put, AFD offered quick and effective support; working as a team with us to resolve some challenging technical problems, enabling confidence to be built between AHUK and EASA at panel level, and ultimately leading to a successful STC application.”

Gordon Bailey

Chief Designer, AIRBUS Helicopters UK

“AFD provided a team of structural specialists that enabled the efficient and cost effective delivery of our seat certification structural test programmes. Their professionalism, dedication, and diligence built confidence with EASA and ultimately guided the certification plans towards successful outcomes.”

Gary Doy

Director, Design Q

“This task was technically challenging and required an experienced engineer to visit Indianapolis (USA) to survey the airframe and collect the necessary data to perform the analysis. AFD stepped up to the plate, responding quickly with the resource and experience to deliver the entire task for a competitive price, within the project timelines, and to the satisfaction of the airworthiness authority.”

Peter Gaughan

Managing Director, STC Twenty One

“AFD gave excellent service in all areas. When they joined the team the means of compliance for the structural airworthiness requirements were being re‐negotiated internationally. AFD quickly rationalised the HEC requirements and proposed a clear strategy for the strength substantiation and compliance demonstration, convincing EASA specialists in the process.”

Leon Winnert

DO Project Manager, AeroDAC

“We awarded the monument stress analysis to AFD owing to their extensive experience and knowledge in analysing this kind of structure and their pro-active approach to resolving technical difficulties often encountered in the design phase. The added value of using AFD was their pre-existing relationship with our customer (the DOA) enabling AFD to compile, check and verify the structural substantiation.”

Kevin Hann

Head of Design, RAS Interiors

“AFD provided structural specialists with experience in the application of empirical formulae for the assessment of bird impact forces. Extensive dialogue between AFD, Cobham, STC21, and the authorities (EASA and FAA) resulted in agreement on the Certification Plan and proposed Means of Compliance, leading to a successful STC application.”

Alastair Erskine

Head of Design, STC Twenty One

“Following on from a successful certification campaign for HEC Basket Types 1 to 3 and the associated Load Carrying System it was decided to award AFD a contract to perform the analysis on Basket Type 4A, arguably the most technically challenging of the six types. AFD demonstrated they had the technical ability, toolset, and resource to compile, check and verify the entire analysis. They worked in partnership with our designers to finalise in a timely manner the design, ready for submission to EASA.”

Gordon Bailey

Chief Designer, AIRBUS Helicopters UK

“Throughout the project, AFD provided valuable support to a complex and challenging upgrade involving our customer, production and maintenance organisations, our US design office, and the responsible Military Aviation Authority. AFD always responded positively and effectively to support requests and their involvement in customer / MAA critical design reviews became essential in closing down queries and clarifying engineering decisions in a satisfactory manner.”

Johannes Hien

Deputy Head of Design, Tenencia Aerospace Design

“It was important for Eirtech to create an optimum design team for this high-profile project. The level of scrutiny from EASA was intensified owing to the problems that have plagued the MAX aircraft. From past experience, involving AFD from the out-set was a ‘no brainer’ for such a complex structural installation. They impressed from start to finish!”

Keith McKercher

Director of Engineering, Eirtech Aviation Services

“AFD was engaged from start to finish in our Taipan Gun Mount programme, providing reliable specialist support in the structures topic. During both the prototype and serial production phases, AFD supported both GVH UK and GVH AU in solving complex strength issues, preparing the ground for a successful certification campaign. AFD offer a Turn-Key Structures solution for EASA DOAs by providing a team of experienced Stress Engineers backed up by independent Compliance Verification Engineers (CVEs).”

Gareth Dyer

CEO, GVH Aerospace

“AFD was selected owing to their product knowledge and track record in delivering similar work to a high standard. AFD has always delivered on schedule and offer a competitive pricing model.”

Gary Wells

Chief Stress Engineer, Héroux-Devtek