1. What was the last thing that made you smile?
My children – always a source of unexpected insights. I love seeing the world through their eyes!

2. What’s one hobby you’re passionate about outside of work?
I am a trained classical singer, so I love anything to do with music, either singing myself or going to concerts or the theatre. I am also a keen creative and do pottery and art classes when I get time.

3. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received and how has it impacted you?
‘Surround yourself with people who genuinely celebrate you and your successes and do the same for others.’
This has created more positivity and honest friendships within my life.

4. What’s one book or movie that has significantly impacted you?
Philip Pullman is a titan of literature who captured my heart when I was a young teenager with the ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy. These were the first books that sparked my love of reading, as before I had found books just plain hard work.

5. What is the latest skill you’ve learned?
Meditation. I’m not very good at doing nothing, so this really was something I had to learn!

6. What’s your favourite thing about working at Airframe Designs?
There is a great sense of purpose and forward thinking within the Company, from great team collaboration to embracing new technologies to keep up with and exceed within the Aerospace industry.