1. What was the last thing that made you smile?
I would say I am positive person and I find something to smile about every day, but the most recent significant thing was that my little boy Oscar took his first steps.

2. What’s one hobby you’re passionate about outside of work?
Although having two children means I don’t have much free time for hobbies, I do enjoy a nice relaxing swim and getting stuck into a good craft project!

3. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received and how has it impacted you?
The best piece of advice I have received is to treat others as you would like to be treated. It has taught me to treat everyone with respect and to show compassion to others in need.

4. What’s one book or movie that has significantly impacted you?
As child and I loved watching Disney films, and I’m enjoying re-watching these with my children. When I first watched Wall-E it really made me think about the future and how we treat our planet, and encouraged me to think more sustainably.

5. What is the latest skill you’ve learned?
The most recent skill I have learnt is to grow fruit and vegetables. Although I still have a lot of learning to do, I’m finding the process of being able to collect fresh produce from my garden very rewarding.

6. What’s your favourite thing about working at Airframe Designs?
My favourite thing about working for Airframe Designs is the forward-thinking environment. Coming from the medical manufacturing industry, I’m excited to be part of a team passionate about innovation. The team are supportive and have made me feel very welcome. Seeing aircraft taxi past our office window is a bonus!