What do you most enjoy about working at Airframe Designs?

The work is varied, I can make significant contributions to projects and interface directly with a range of clients. I enjoy having more responsibility in project work and delivering training to junior engineers, both on the job and through presentations.

How do you start your working day?

I have a coffee and listen to the radio, then I ‘hit the ground running’ by checking my inbox and the work calendar.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned at Airframe Designs

Never be afraid to ask for help – good communication is essential! Document all relevant data and assumptions for future reference and become familiar with the resources and training available to you.

What is the most recent skill you’ve learned?

I enjoy cooking, so there are always new recipes to learn and skills to develop.

How do you relax out of work?

I recently got back into building and flying radio-controlled aircraft as a hobby. Hopefully my engineering background minimises the potential for in-flight failures, but practice make perfect! I also enjoy a good pint and live music events.

Who is your ‘hero’?

Jeremy Clarkson