1. What was the last thing that made you laugh?
I recently introduced my five year old son to the Wombles which I haven’t watched since I was a young boy. Very amusing and I’d highly recommend a watch if you’ve never seen it before. Disclaimer: you might find it impossible to stop the Wombles theme tune playing on a continuous loop in your head.

2. What’s one hobby you’re passionate about outside of work?
I wouldn’t call it a hobby as such, but getting my house finished. I bought it in 2021 and it has needed an extensive amount of work doing, most of which my dad and I have undertaken. It’s been a big learning curve and the one take away is that almost everything takes longer than you think!

3. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received and how has it impacted you?
To slow down. I was told this by an older mentor when I was on an automotive maintenance and repair course when I was in my late teens. It has always stuck with me and seems to become more important as the years pass by.

4. What’s one book or movie that has significantly impacted you?
A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle which teaches the importance of being in the present moment, something that’s increasingly difficult to do with all the modern day distractions.

5. What is the latest skill you’ve learned?
I have started to learn how to perform updates to our company website using WordPress which has been an interesting journey. I’m only scratching the surface but I’ve created some content that I’m quite happy with so far.

6. What’s your favourite thing about working at Airframe Designs?
Although I’m not an engineer, I appreciate the cutting edge projects that we work on. I think our additive manufacturing facility is particularly impressive and I can see the potential this technology has which is very exciting. This is a very forward thinking company, the like of which I have never worked for. No two days are ever the same.