What do you most enjoy about working at Airframe Designs?

I greatly enjoy the variety in work, ranging from the life prediction of landing gear to static substantiation of internal cabin installations. The level of available support helps junior engineers to thrive in their respective roles while participating in complex, cutting edge projects.

How do you start your working day?

My morning starts with a coffee shortly before diving into any current projects. Alternatively, I delve into one of the many online training courses available to the stress team.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned at Airframe Designs?

I have learned how to take the theory taught at university and apply it to the real world. This was achieved through guidance from colleagues and managers. Working at Airframe Designs has also shown me how an effective team can solve complex problems in short timeframes.

What is the most recent skill you’ve learned?

I have recently learned how to analyse fatigue spectrums and extrapolate the data for new flight profiles. In conjunction, I learned how to programme in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to streamline workflow and improve accuracy of results.

How do you relax out of work?

I enjoy going for walks and exploring the surrounding areas. I also enjoy going to the sports centre to exercise/relax after a day of work.

Who is your ‘hero’?

I have always been fascinated climbing and have a history of bouldering. I am inspired by world class climbers such as Adam Ondra who find solutions to problems against almost impossible odds while pushing the limits of the human mind and body.