There is literally no substitute for experience. While we highly value and put nurturing talent as a priority of our growing business, the knowledge that experience brings adds the balance that an organisation needs.

In the three veterans we have coaxed back from retirement who worked at senior level at BAE Systems, we have specialist engineers, mentors and all-round good people who are bringing another dimension to our business.

They understand the patience and specialist skills required for the work we undertake as we grow our specialisms in producing highly complex components to some of the largest aviation, defence and space organisations worldwide.

Design consultant Dean Kelly, senior concept design engineer Andrew White and senior design engineer Mark Dugdale all worked on prestigious projects for BAE Systems for many years. At Airframe Designs, they have discovered a new lease of life.

They are helping the young talent understand the complexity of the tasks, providing advice along the way on why specific jobs have to be done with patience and understanding, and giving guidance with authority.

This balance of energy from the young employees combined with the experience from the veterans of the industry makes a powerful mix in an industry that is challenging and exciting in equal measure.

We have a skills gap across our sector but our own unique approach is paying dividends.

Indeed, we’re building a reputation for engineering excellence, and we value the depth of knowledge that seasoned professionals bring.

We’re currently recruiting for people with experience and the right skills to follow in their footsteps, and we invite them to apply if they want to join our team. These are exciting times at Airframe Designs as we develop our people and our business for the future challenges that lie ahead.