Airframe Designs is proud to introduce the latest advancement in our engineering toolkit: HyperSizer Pro from Collier Research Corporation, a leading analysis software that is revolutionising the way we approach aerospace design and optimisation. This strategic acquisition is part of our continuous effort to build on our capabilities and strengthen our ability to tackle complex engineering challenges with confidence.

HyperSizer Pro, renowned for its use by NASA and other leading aerospace entities, is an advanced stress analysis and design optimisation software that enables engineers to push the boundaries of innovation while adhering to the strictest industry standards. Its comprehensive suite of features includes stress analysis, design optimisation, weight optimisation, composite analysis, and lay-up optimisation, making it an invaluable asset.

One of the key benefits of HyperSizer Pro is its ability to perform automated stress analysis, significantly reducing the time and effort required to evaluate complex aerospace components and structures. This automation extends to its reporting and documentation capabilities, streamlining the certification process and enhancing project communication with stakeholders.

By incorporating HyperSizer Pro into our workflow, Airframe Designs takes a significant step forward in digital transformation. This software not only optimises the weight and performance of aerospace structures but also allows for increased precision in composite material analysis and lay-up strategies. Such capabilities are crucial for developing lighter, more efficient, and robust aerospace components.

The introduction of HyperSizer Pro to our toolset is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in aerospace engineering. It strengthens our position as a leader in the field, equipped to tackle the challenges of tomorrow’s aerospace industry with cutting-edge solutions. As we leverage the full potential of HyperSizer Pro, we look forward to unlocking new possibilities in aerospace design and analysis, further enhancing our offerings to clients and solidifying our role as a catalyst for advancement in the industry.

Discover how our enhanced capabilities with HyperSizer Pro can contribute to your projects by reaching out to Airframe Designs.

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