Our team is highly familiar with current IATA, CAA, FAA, EASA, and UK MAA regulatory requirements, alongside historical JAA, CAR, and BCAR equivalent airworthiness specifications.

We assist UK-CAA and EASA design organisations in the certification of changes or repairs to aircraft and rotorcraft. Our services include providing a peer review of the elected certification basis, certification plans, and compliance demonstration evidence.

Our Compliance Verification Engineers (CVEs) visit test facilities to witness and verify test activities that underpin certification. We maintain regular dialogue with the competent authorities to ensure alignment with regulatory standards.

As part of our turn-key support package, we can independently compile and verify substantiation evidence, working within the framework and constraints of the customer design organisation’s policies.

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Comprehensive Certification Services

Our highly experienced team conducts thorough peer reviews of the elected certification basis, certification plans, and compliance demonstration evidence.

We ensure that all documentation meets the stringent standards required for certification.

Our turn-key support includes the independent compilation and verification of substantiation evidence, ensuring reliability and accuracy.

Liaison and Support

We maintain regular and effective communication with competent authorities, facilitating smoother and more efficient certification processes.

By engaging in ongoing dialogue with regulatory bodies, we ensure all certification activities are aligned with current regulations and standards.

Our team’s extensive experience across the aviation, defence, and space sectors enables us to navigate the complexities of certification for both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.

Lifecycle Project Support

Our certification services encompass the entire lifecycle of a project, from initial design and testing to final approval.

We support the definition of certification basis, development of certification plans, conducting compliance demonstration activities, witnessing and verifying tests, compiling and verifying substantiation evidence, and liaising with regulatory authorities.